DCM--window center/width via command line

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DCM--window center/width via command line

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This is a very simple but commonly needed feature request regarding coders/dcm.c. Could you please add an option for taking the window center/width values from the command line. In many medical applications one has to change the window center/width values according to the scales used by medical professionals. In such cases, using "dcm:display-range=reset" together with "-level black_pt,white_pt" is not an option for two reasons: 1) the medical professional gives black_pt & white_pt values on the original dcm scale and 2) there will be a loss of precision if one tries to incorporate some scaling coefficient type of thing. Thank you!

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Re: DCM--window center/width via command line

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Hello, this change is being discussed here:


If you'd like to follow progress or suggest improvements or do some coding.