What is DPC ? Do i need this feature?

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What is DPC ? Do i need this feature?

Post by richkingy » 2016-06-28T15:52:25-07:00

Hi Guys,

This might be a bit of an amateur question but I'm doing some basic benchmarking of different ImageMagick configurations on our server and as part of this I'm disabling various features.

I've got my configuration down to these two.

Can someone explain what DPC is? Do I need this? And how can it be disabled?
I've tried ./configure --disable-dpc and searched the Google machine but not finding anything about DPC.



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Re: What is DPC ? Do i need this feature?

Post by snibgo » 2016-06-29T01:49:42-07:00

I think DPC in that context is Distributed Pixel Cache. See http://www.imagemagick.org/script/architecture.php

That feature flag is set in configure, after checking for socket support. I can't see what configure option will stop this from happening.
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