ImageMagick install and ffmpeg - install feature request

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ImageMagick install and ffmpeg - install feature request

Post by feelart » 2016-09-06T01:23:44-07:00


Requesting a small change in install under Windows (and Linux).

1/ FFmpeg is a very used app, not only by IM, therefore it would be nice to have a feature at ImageMagick install to ask if it should take the path to an already existing ffmpeg or rather install its own ffmpeg.

On my system, due to several media applications such as IM, I have 6 ffmpeg versions (and ffprobe, ffplay)...I do prefer to have a directory, if need be, with different ffmpeg versions addressing possible compatibility issues such as with Audacity. It saves hard disk space, possible RAM if concurrent apps are running and one can manage its system.

2/ The install of ImageMagic modifies the windows environment path. On my system, it does in a way that it comes on top of my already existing path regarding ffmpeg. Therefore, if I'm not paying attention to that, after an IM install, running a ffmpeg command does not point anymore to the ffmpeg on has, but rather to the one of IM.


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Re: ImageMagick install and ffmpeg - install feature request

Post by snibgo » 2016-09-06T02:14:26-07:00

(1) Seems like a fair point. After installing IM, you might simply delete its copy of ffmeg.

(2) I hate system paths. Great in theory, but every installation insists on being more important than anything else, and puts itself at the front of the path. Personally, my solution is not to adjust my system path unless I really really have to. I don't let IM change my system path.
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