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Re: Upscaling algo discussion

Posted: 2017-06-13T03:08:47-07:00
by magick
Have you looked at the -magnify option?

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It uses pixel art scaling to double the size of the image. How does it compare to your proposed algorithm?

The ICBI algorithm works are arbitrary scale, correct? It will take some effort to implement any resizing algorithm so ideally we would implement an algorithm that exceeds the quality of existing algorithms and is robust-- that is, can resize to any width / height. Otherwise it may not justify the effort.

Re: Upscaling algo discussion

Posted: 2017-06-13T05:16:55-07:00
by loupasc
Hello magick,

Ok I will check how perform my proposed algorithm compared to the magnify command, I add this to my todo list.

No, ICBI isn't arbitrary scale. According to the following link ICBI seems to double the image dimensions.