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MozJPEG library in ImageMagick build

Posted: 2017-05-05T12:23:55-07:00
by JamieR
I'm looking into incorporating MozJPEG into an ImageMagick build so that IM can natively use MozJPEG (vs. libjpeg) instead of using a separate MozJPEG executable on images already manipulated with IM.

I compiled the MozJPEG library, and then attempted to use ImageMagic's "configure" switches to point at the MozJPEG library, but without any luck. I may just be doing it wrong. Has anyone tried this with success?

Now that MozJPEG is more mature, and fairly proven, are there any plans to incorporate it as an option in the regular IM release?


Re: MozJPEG library in ImageMagick build

Posted: 2017-05-20T17:18:21-07:00
by glennrp
What does MozJPEG offer that libjpeg doesn't? As far as I know, MozJPEG is just a fork of libjpeg.

Re: MozJPEG library in ImageMagick build

Posted: 2017-06-26T03:11:55-07:00
by mozjpeglover
As far as I know MozJPEG uses different quantization table. When JPEG standard came out it has proposed default quantization table and JPEG Group said that it should be used only as sample, but every library started using this table unarguably. Mozilla engineers have done a tremendous work that JPEG Group has unfinished. Also between MozJPEG (Mozilla) and Guetzli (Google) I would prefer MozJPEG, because they both have disadvantage compared to libjpeg that they consume more RAM and CPU, but Guetzli does this 10-15 times more!!!

Re: MozJPEG library in ImageMagick build

Posted: 2017-06-26T04:08:47-07:00
by magick
ImageMagick supports custom quantization tables with the -define jpeg:q-table option.