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license for wizard picture?

Posted: 2017-07-21T12:11:23-07:00
by carlseibert

Is the wizard drawing licensed under Creative Commons or similar?

I am doing a blog post touting the fact that ImageMagick, when used in WordPress, doesn't destroy image metadata.

But the wizard picture doesn't have any metadata. No copyright. No caption. Which means that an honest person can't simply look at it and see if it's available for use, or if it belongs to someone, or for that matter, to whom to credit it.

Bit of an irony, there, eh? Maybe it's just because PNGs are sometimes problematic with metadata.......

Anyhow, if it turns out that I'm legally clear to do so, I'll run the wizard with my post.



Re: license for wizard picture?

Posted: 2017-07-21T14:36:52-07:00
by snibgo
I can't speak for the official position. So this is my guess:

The wizard image is part of the software, and can be reproduced by it: "magick wizard: out.png". Therefore it is copyright, and covered like all the software in the licence which says (I simplify massively) you can distribute it provided you attribute, and don't claim you created it.

Re: license for wizard picture?

Posted: 2017-07-22T04:36:37-07:00
by magick
Good call snibgo. That is the correct interpretation. The wizard: and logo: are official ImageMagick logo's and covered by the ImageMagick licence. In the simplest terms, anyone can use the wizard: and logo: images with attribution. Minimally, there is compliance if there is a mention of ImageMagick or a link back to the ImageMagick website when using the logos. That includes the rose: image as well. All three are original works of art created either by ImageMagick Studio LLC or purchased or donated for the exclusive use of ImageMagick Studio LLC whose use is covered by the ImageMagick license.

Re: license for wizard picture?

Posted: 2017-07-22T14:43:28-07:00
by carlseibert
Cool. I'll add the image. Thank you. ( ... a-sort-of/)

How do I output the other images from the software? I'm sure I'll be talking about ImageMagick in the future.


I did check, and processing through ImageMagick, as called by WordPress, does indeed strip metadata from PNGs. I don't know whether that's an ImageMagick default issue or a command line issue on the part of the calling program. In an ideal world, in a CMS, whatever markup is on the image should be assumed to be there for a reason and shouldn't be disturbed. But given that PNGs are almost always logos and the like, which generally wouldn't have (or need) any metadata in the first place, I think attention can safely be focused elsewhere. ..

...Like getting people to use ImageMagick with their WordPress installations so they stop stripping Copyright Management Information off hundreds of billions of JPEGs. :-) The wizard picture is something of an outlier. [see mea culpa further down]

In any case, a clever site admin can simply put the metadata back on an image on the server, if it really matters. (I think a How-To on that will be my blog post for next week.)

(And of course, this means you don't have to admit it if the wizard never had a copyright statement ;-) ;-)

UPDATE: Oops. When I placed the wizard on the post, I noticed that he's a JPEG, not a PNG. Silly me. [finger-wagging mode] I guess that shoots my whole diplomatic "PNG issues" rap right in the foot. [/finger-wagging mode]

Thanks again.


Re: license for wizard picture?

Posted: 2017-07-22T15:09:06-07:00
by fmw42
In the ImageMagick source code download folder there is a folder called images. There are often both png and jpg versions of the main imagemagick images there.