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Windows binary distribution

Posted: 2006-03-21T10:02:26-07:00
by el_supremo
I've just installed the binary 6.2.6-5 Q8 and it doesn't have lib or include directories. The previous installed version I was using was probably 6.2.6-2 and it had those two directories. I can't find a distribution on your ftp that has these two directories.
Where did they go?


Posted: 2006-03-21T18:08:56-07:00
by magick
When you install ImageMagick there is a panel that gives you an option to include the ImageMagick header files. The header files are not installed unless the option is checked.

Posted: 2006-03-21T20:07:45-07:00
by el_supremo
:oops: Sorry about that :oops:
I obviously had a senior moment.