Useless Breakpoint (Int 3) in ImageMagickObject.dll ???

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In contrib/win32/ATL7/ImageMagickObject/ImageMagickObject.cpp
at lines 1000 and 1108, there is a DebugBreak() statement.

When I set some debugger settings (Global Flags -- gflags.exe from MS) and run convert from a vb application using ImageMagickObject.dll, I receive the error number -2147215503 and the description "convert: 0: exception: debug breakpoint"

On line 227 of the same cpp file, the function returns "debug breakpoint" -- the same error that I am getting. So, it looks like some debugging is still going on in the latest release.

I'd change this on my own, but I'm having a few problems compiling the ImageMagickObject.dll. Concerning that, do I start with ImageMagickObject.dsp in the ATL7 directory? Maybe I just haven't dug enough to find some directions. It probably doesn't help I'm relatively new to VC++.

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