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Posted: 2006-06-21T15:56:03-07:00
by magick
The reason it happens is that GIF only supports one transparent color whereas many images have a variety of transparent values ranging from 0 to 255. Since transparency is binary we choose values from 0 to 127 as transparent and values from 128 to 255 as opaque. A future version of ImageMagick will permit you to specify a specific color as transparent instead of it deciding based on the alpha channel.

Posted: 2006-06-21T18:26:58-07:00
by magick
See for a discussion on how to make transparency work properly with GIF images and why GIF is a bad choice for transparent images and how PNG is the preferred choice.

Posted: 2006-06-21T18:40:12-07:00
by magick
Perhaps there is a bug in the PSD image reader. Post a URL to your original PSD image so we can download it and reproduce the problem.

Posted: 2006-06-21T19:13:04-07:00
by magick
Until we get a patch, try this:
  • convert '50cent1.psd[1]' 50cent1.png