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Posted: 2006-08-23T20:34:13-07:00
by anthony
This is not a developers issue, However IM Examples is planing to look at this aspect of GIF animation handling.

Currently the only example is to underlay a static background behind an animation, or to append animations time wise, or appned them side by side if they have the same timing intevals.

I plan to continue these examples with mergers, and even time-disjoint
animations, though much of the time ordering for the latter will need to be outside of actual IM commands.

To see the construction notes on the future examples see the bottom
of the Animation Modification page... ... ns/#serial

If you work out an example, or find some simple animations (like a flying (not just flapping) butterfly or bird) for examples, please mail me to share them with others. You name could appear in IM Examples!