ImageMagick Lable generation problem!!!

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ImageMagick Lable generation problem!!!

Post by debasys » 2006-08-24T12:13:43-07:00


I am trying to create a label with the following command:

$filename = 'ImageName.jpg';

$command =$this->ImageMagickConvert . " -pointsize 42 -gravity Center -size 928x40 label:\"$Name \" ". $this->tempdir . $filename;

system($command, $out);

It is working fine in my local machine with apache and ImageMagick 6.0. But when the script is running on godaddy server it is not working.

Other script with composit command is working well in that server with ImageMagick 6.0

$filename =time() . "_$i.jpg";

$montage_command =$this->ImageMagickConvert. ' ' . $this->imagepath ." ".$this->tempdir . $ImgName ." -geometry +59+170 -composite ". $this->tempdir . $filename;

system($montage_command, $out);

Can anybody tell me why the first script is not giving any output on GoDaddy server only?

Kindly advise..

Thanks in advance,

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