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Compiling ImageMagick for FC4 on Cell

Posted: 2006-08-30T02:01:27-07:00
by rockypg

Im trying to cross compile Image Magick for FC4 on IBM's Cell Processor. I am using ppu-gcc. I specifically need to be able to read and write bmps and jpgs at the pixel level and write back files from pixel data. I disabled most of the options that are available at the configure level.

I get some linker errors with "rpl.realloc"

I disabled

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#define realloc rpl_realloc
from the configure script as suggested on this thread ... e5735d256f

and I am able to cross compile and use the static libraries to compile further code using magick and wand APIs. Now by disabling

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#define realloc rpl_realloc
what am I losing out on?

Should I expect specific problems with certain APIs ?


Posted: 2006-08-30T07:45:55-07:00
by magick
You are losing nothing by disabling rpl_realloc. It has nothing to do with ImageMagick and is an artifact of the GNU configure scripts.

Posted: 2006-08-31T03:12:20-07:00
by rockypg
Thank you!