Curve or circle text

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Curve or circle text

Post by lavige777 »

I need to draw text on the image in curve or circle. Is it possible to draw text for example around the wheel?
Thanks for any help

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Re: Curve or circle text

Post by anthony »

Not directly, though it should be posible at some point as drawing text along a 'path' (curved or otherwise) is part of the SVG standard.

In the mean time you can distort a text image....

Vertical Arc (simple)
Circular Arc Distortion... ... irclar_arc
Polar Distortion...

Watch the disjunction or asymptote in the mapping for polar.

I am hoping to create a generalised distort handling function that we
can add distorions to, and as a result will proparly handle the
asymptote in the above.

Affine and perspective maps can be classed as special cases of this
generalised distorter, which I want to be simple enough to add lots
of different distotions (with simple arguments) for people to use.

Ideas welcome.
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