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JBIG2 and JB2 encoders

Posted: 2011-02-05T16:29:50-07:00
by Sadid
does anyone work with such encoders? I mean using them independently and not embedded (in PDF or DjVu)
I need them but I couldn't employ such encoders through Image Magic or any other encoder.
1. is it possible to use them through ImageMagic (like JBIG1 encoder)
2. is there any other solution? btw, I couldn't get satisfactory result in compiling jbig2enc in Linux... however I couldn't use jbig2.exe form AGL software either in windows I tried this command :

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jbig2.exe sth.jpeg > sth.jbig2
the output is being created but I'm not sure about the result (the Compression Rate is near to JBIG1!! and I can't view it through STDUviewer

Re: JBIG2 and JB2 encoders

Posted: 2011-08-10T01:05:19-07:00
by carla23
A character pattern matching algorithm (JB2) can reduce the final size ADSPress getting close to actual formatted text, by using a shared dictionary for several pages at a time.