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What should I code? To learn c++

Posted: 2019-06-07T22:11:19-07:00
by Gabrial
Hello everyone,,
I am high school student who is very interested in learning c++. At my school we learn it but we always solve math problems and write very uninteresting codes.... So i need some ideas to start my own project and learn how to code. I am beginner coder and I have no clue of what to code. What was interesting for you to code when you just started ? I need some ideas that would be not the easiest but kind of in the middle so i learn more. I don't to code clocks and stuff. Im more interested in coding non text based games but something with little more graphics and i would love if those graphics would be console (or in my case terminal ) executable. I am coding with xcode on my MacBook air loptop so I dont have all the libraries that windows coders have. I appreciate any ideas and tips. Mabie share something you wrote that made you fall in love with coding and made you proud.

Re: What should I code? To learn c++

Posted: 2019-06-08T03:43:22-07:00
by snibgo
When I first bought a computer, a "Nascom II", I wrote arcade-style games (in assembler). Later, when IBM-style PCs appeared, I wrote graphics viewers and editors because I was interested in pictures, and computers in those days didn't have tools that could do what I wanted.

What are your interests outside computing? What opportunities are there for computers to help you do whatever you enjoy?