Sustainability of LZW Compression

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Sustainability of LZW Compression

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The Software (Ephesoft) that is attached to the scanner at my company imports .MTIF (multipage TIF) and divides it in separate .TIF files. During this process the files are also compressed with the Image_Magick engine with the command "-compress LZW".

If I understand LZW compression correctly, it consists of an algorithm that has various variables that can be filled in different ways. It can only be decoded or reversed if the same key is used as the coder did use.

My questions re. the LZW compression used by Image Magisck engine are:
- Is all of the above correct??
- How are the variables in the algorithm filled?
* Is this the choice of Image_Magick and had is somewhere been published ??
* Or has some standard been used, if so - which one??
- Is LZW compression the only form of compression that is being used if I press "-compress LZW"or is it followed by some other form of compression?
- What information does a system (esp an application in the future) need to be able to read such files = AKA are they sustainable??

With many thanks to who can help respond, Mirjam from Amsterdam

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Re: Sustainability of LZW Compression

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I do not know all the details of LZW compression, but it is widely used. See–Ziv–Welch. Imagemagick can read and write LZW compressed, multipage TIFF files.