modifying magick++ pixel cache in multiple threads (OpenMP)

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modifying magick++ pixel cache in multiple threads (OpenMP)

Post by shar10dul » 2011-04-25T20:24:46-07:00


ImageMagick version - 5.5.7
Platform - Aix
I have been trying to use Magick++ Pixel interface to modify the pixels of an image in parallel.
However it always gives me an segmentation fault. I have tried using both mpi and openmp and it gives a segmentation fault in both the cases.
Each of the threads have a pixel pointer of their own and access a segment of the image (via pixel::get() ).
However trying to modify the pixels throws a segmentation fault.

Do you guys have an idea of what might be wrong. The programs run fine when i run them using 1 thread.


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