missing header stat.mac.h

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missing header stat.mac.h

Post by RogerWillCode »

Added ImageMagic (Lib version 6.7.4) Magick++.h to XCode (v3.2.6) project in Mac OSX (10.6.8 - snow leopard).
Installed using mac ports and then checked the code into local svn and checked out to local directory.

When compiling the project it can't find <stat.mac.h> which is referenced in include.h.
Any ideas where I might find this file? I just need to point my XCode project to the right path to find the header file... but I don't know where it is and having no luck finding it at the moment. Sorry if this has been asked and answered, I tried to search for hits on the board first.


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Re: missing header stat.mac.h

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You can safely comment out the stat.mac.h header file. We will get a patch for this problem in the next point release of ImageMagick.