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Misleading tutorial mention of bugs

Posted: 2012-03-29T10:22:15-07:00
by eldiener
The Magick++ tutorial was written about 7 years ago and laughs at bugs in the Magick++ implementation that existed then and denigrates the ImageMagick++ implementors. This is hardly a good way to get programmers now to use ImageMagick and Magick++. Someone where I work, seeing the bugs mentioned in the tutorial, concluded that ImageMagick and Magick++ was a tenth-rate product based on the comments in the tutorial. I know better having used Magick++ before, but the ancient tutorial certainly leaves a bad impression. Why not update it, or at least remove the ridiculous comments made about the Magick++ implementation circa 2005, which obviously no longer applies.

Re: Misleading tutorial mention of bugs

Posted: 2012-03-29T12:02:42-07:00
by magick
The Magick++ tutorial is user contributed and we have the source if you or another user wants to make improvements. ImageMagick is open-source and we encourage our user-base to contribute enhancements, bug fixes, documentation improvements, etc. Otherwise we will get to it ourselves eventually. Right now our to-do list has over 1000 items and we should have most of them resolved by 2019.