writing GIF-animation files

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writing GIF-animation files

Post by rudi » 2012-06-09T14:37:39-07:00

Hi, im downloading imagemagick at this moment, someone tipsed me about it, and it takes some time to d/l on my connection, so i want to get some information about how to use it meanwhile. the thing is, i know what i want to do.
i will simulate a c++ program with some pixel area like 256x256. it will run in some frames, let's say it takes 5 seconds. so it will have x-amount of frames.

when these frames are saved into temporary buffers i want to save to gif-animation file. no transparency are needed in the gif.
any directions or samplecode to do this would be appreciated. if not, then some direction on where i should start.


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Re: writing GIF-animation files

Post by fmw42 » 2012-06-09T15:06:36-07:00

I don't know Magick++, but there is lots of information about using Imagemagick in command line mode.



convert -delay XX image1 image2 image3 ... imageN -loop 0 animation.gif

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