Converting Magick::Images to wxImages and displaying

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Converting Magick::Images to wxImages and displaying

Post by gone_postal0123 » 2012-06-30T14:10:37-07:00

Hello Everyone,

I was hoping someone could give me an idea on the best method for converting a Magick::Image to a wxImage to be then drawn on screen using a paintDC. I have had a long scan online but haven't yet found a simple method that works yet, I've concluded its something I'm definitely missing in my code. :?

At the moment I have a very simple wxControl that I hope to have display the converted image. Here is the constructor:

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Canvas::Canvas(wxWindow* parent) :
  wxControl(parent, wxID_ANY, wxDefaultPosition, wxSize(parent->GetSize().GetWidth(),parent->GetSize().GetHeight()))
  m_imageBufferSize = GetSize().GetHeight() * GetSize().GetWidth() * 4;
  m_imageBuffer = new unsigned char[m_imageBufferSize];
  m_magImage = new Magick::Image("myImage.jpg");
  m_magImage->depth( 8 ); 
  m_magImage->writePixels( Magick::RGBQuantum, m_imageBuffer );
  GetEventHandler()->Connect(wxEVT_PAINT, wxPaintEventHandler (Canvas::on_paint),0,this);
Assuming the writePixels has written the pixel data to m_imageBuffer I then use the buffer to create a wxImage which in turn is then converted to a wxBitmap and used in the paintDC.

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void Canvas::on_paint(wxPaintEvent& event)
    wxImage tempImage(GetSize().GetWidth(), GetSize().GetHeight(), m_imageBuffer, true);
    wxBitmap tempBmp(tempImage);

    wxBufferedPaintDC dc(this, tempBmp);

If anyone can help with this I'd really appreciate it and if I've left any details out just let me know.

Many Thanks!


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