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Possible to change target architecture?

Posted: 2012-07-10T19:22:29-07:00
by RogerWillCode
Added ImageMagic (Lib version 6.7.8-0) Magick++.h to XCode (v3.2.6) project in Mac OSX (10.6.8 - snow leopard).
Installed using mac ports and then checked the code into local svn and checked out to local directory.

Is it possible to change a config setting and rebuild even though I installed everything using mac ports?
When I tried to install from code, I can't get XCode to find the Magick++.h file, so I am in worse shape than what I am now.

The reason I am asking about changing target architecture is because I saw on another thread about changing it to a universal setting.
Using mac ports, it defaults to my local architecture and my project is targeting multiple mac machines (x86_64, i386 and ppc) and I am getting missing symbol linker errors as a result.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks.

Re: Possible to change target architecture?

Posted: 2012-07-18T12:20:34-07:00
by RogerWillCode
If anyone has spent much time thinking about this, I apologize. I admit I am not an admin type person, only a programmer :lol:
I figured out that if I read the manual for macports, I found the answer to my issue.
For those who are curious, I ran "port install ImageMagick ++universal" ... which is to say I ran the universal variant. It still doesn't solve the issue for the ppc architecture, but at least now it works for x86_64 and i386.

Re: Possible to change target architecture?

Posted: 2012-07-24T07:06:34-07:00
by RogerWillCode
Does anyone know what version of the libraries I need to install to get a compile working on a mac for ppc architecture?
This is a pretty big project and time sensitive, so any help would be greatly appreciated.