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CORE_RL_Magick++_.dll is missing from your computer

Posted: 2012-07-21T02:06:18-07:00
by tsftd
So I had to reinstall windows. as we ALL know, that's a pain when you're in the middle of a project -- reinstall MSVS, make sure all your deps get put in the same place so it doesn't brake the project, etc. i got it all worked out, EXCEPT for imagemagick. the program compiles fine, but unfortunately when I run it (debug), i get "The program can't start because CORE_RL_Magick++_.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Now, as I had simply copied the files over after reinstall, I went and downloaded it. Installed it, and same error. Checked the folder to make sure the file's there; it is. Reinstalled. Checked the path (which the installer apparently did not add as it was supposed to), added the path manually. Still the same error. I can't imagine that this is an error in the code, given that it worked fine before reinstall. yes, i have InitializeMagick -- pointed straight at the new folder, the old folder, tried moving the dll from the old folder into the new one (since the new one is a different version) -- nothing, no go.

any ideas?