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Magick++ composite problem

Posted: 2012-10-09T03:42:31-07:00
by tom1410
Hello! I'm new to Magick++ and have one problem with composite(). Code:

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Image fullImg(full);
width = fullImg.size().width();
height = fullImg.size().height();

Image resultImg = Image(Geometry(width, height), Color(MaxRGB, MaxRGB, MaxRGB, 0));

resultImg.composite(workImg, x, y, InCompositeOp);
resultImg.composite(fullImg, 0, 0, OverCompositeOp);

I have this picture, as "fullImg" (it is transparent in the middle)

As "workImg":

And I would like to get "resultImg" like this:

But I get this (with white instead of transparent)

Maybe someone could help me out with this?