Magick++ STL CompositeImage

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Magick++ STL CompositeImage

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I know that it is possible to composite single page image over each page of a multi-page image (PDF, Tiff, or whatever multipage format) with something like:

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Image imgx;"somewhere/some-single-page.pdf");
list<Image> imageList2;
readImages( &imageList2, "somewhere/some-multi-page.pdf");
for_each(imageList2.begin(), imageList2.end(), Magick::compositeImage(imgx, CenterGravity, MultiplyCompositeOp));
But that is not what I want.
I want to composite 2 multipage (equal page number) documents, compositing page nr. 1 of document 1 with page number 1 of document 2, page nr. 2 of document 1 with page number 2 of document 2, and so on with all the pages.

How can I do that?

Thanks in advance!