Output of Convert command to Blob

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Output of Convert command to Blob

Post by Tony »

I am using the following code in a Magic++ application...

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 MagickBooleanType status = ConvertImageCommand(image_info, args_count, args, NULL, exception);
Is it possible for the ConvertImageCommand to write its output to a Blob or use some other 'in memory' technique?
I am trying to avoid writing the output to disk via the command and then re-reading the output file into the application.
There are vague reference in some other posts concerning blobs, file descriptors, stdin/stdout and streams but I have been unable to locate a specific technique with examples.


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Re: Output of Convert command to Blob

Post by spongemonkey »

This sort of code isn't how to use the Magick++ API.

You'd do something like

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#include <Magick++>

using namespace Magick;
using namespace std;


// open an image
Image image("some_image.jpg");

// perhaps do something to the image

// will hold the image data in memory rather than writing it to a file
Blob blob;

// write the resized image data to the blob in png format

// perhaps then we'll write it to disk
ofstream outFile;
outFile.open("was_once_held_in_memory_by_IM.png", ios::out | ios::binary);

// blob.data() returns a void* with the actual data, blob.length() tells you how much data is there
If you give more info about what you want to do I might be able to help more

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