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Unicode (Japanese) characters in Magick++

Posted: 2014-05-18T18:36:16-07:00
by tsftd
I'm having some difficulty implementing Unicode (Japanese character) support in my Magick++ program. It works fine when using the ImageMagick executable to carry out the same operation. I have tried both passing it as an argument and hardcoding some characters into the program, and neither works.

-- Using a compatible font (confirmed via testing with ImageMagick)
-- Using DrawableText
-- Example of characters used is "怒った"
-- Output on the image is "???"
-- MSVS 2012, "Use Unicode Character Set" enabled in build properties, and both "UNICODE" and "_UNICODE" are defined.
-- Searched Magic++ subforum for "unicode" "Japanese" and "character" with no helpful results.