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Debug libs

Posted: 2018-03-23T01:56:17-07:00
by User21

After a lot of google and trying out stuff on my own, I'm out of ideas how to make debug libs work.
I downloaded Windows source from: ...

I built the configuration project and then build the solution it created and everything seemed to work, until I started using Color objected. I am getting link errors

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Error	LNK2019	unresolved external symbol "public: __cdecl Magick::Color::Color(unsigned short,unsigned short,unsigned short,unsigned short)" (??0Color@Magick@@QEAA@GGGG@Z) referenced in function "private: static class Magick::Color __cdecl AssetThumbGetter::ArgbToColor(int)" (?ArgbToColor@AssetThumbGetter@celiaps@@CA?AVColor@Magick@@H@Z)
I am adding the libs as additional dependencies to the projects. What's interesting is that it works if I don't use the Color object, but I need it, can't find a workaround to do the task without it.

Any help is appreciated.

Re: Debug libs

Posted: 2018-03-23T04:21:23-07:00
by snibgo
I can't guess, but for those that know more than me, it would help if you tell us the version of IM, and the build tools you are using.

Re: Debug libs

Posted: 2018-03-23T04:29:10-07:00
by User21
If by IM you mean ImageMagick, I'm using the one from the link in the post. For the builds tools I use Visual Studio 2017 with v141 toolset.

Re: Debug libs

Posted: 2018-03-26T23:02:19-07:00
by User21
Apparently noone else encountered a problem like this. Maybe then I'm doing something wrong, but I even tried all the options while building the libs...
If anyone could provide me with working x64 Debug Visual Studio 2017 v141 libs, I'd be grateful.