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PAID Make 'unperspective' work in VB.NET or C#.Net

Posted: 2016-04-20T09:16:27-07:00
by cgburnham
We are looking for a port of Fred's unperspective script so that it will work as a VB.Net class with IM .net dll Q8 4.0 x86. C# is OK too, but must be able to be converted to VB with Telerik or similar (we will do cleanup of things like "Direct Cast" to "CType" etc.) This is a spec project but some (reasonable) funds are available.

The project goal is to have the user take a picture of a standard size paper document on a dark desktop. We want an output image of this document, resized within limits, so that the perspective is corrected. Usually the document has a simple geometric figure drawn on it with a pencil, rather than text. The input image size is always 932 x 720 (portrait) jpg and the output should be +/- 10% of this or so, also jpg. We will trap various errors, such as too small, not 4 corners found, and tell the user to try again with a new input image. My email is --Charlie