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Paid: Writing jpeg files with specific resolution and file dimensions

Posted: 2016-06-13T00:38:45-07:00
by dylantovey
We have an online imagemagick integration with magento that allows clients to specify image sizes and product types (imagemagick then manipulates a "ready copy" of the file while also leaving an original copy untouched).

Imagemagick should (depending on the product type and size) alter the original dimensions and the dpi.

The resulting ready file should then be the specified dpi at the specified size.

However - for some of our products - the ready file has the correct number of pixels but at the wrong dpi (so the ready file has larger dimensions at a lower dpi)

We would like paid support to correct our code to ensure that the jpeg files are being written correctly.

All code is currently contained in two php files - with 95% of the logic complete and functioning. We anticipate that it will only require editing - but can give you access to the appropriate code if you need it prior to quoting.