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PAID : create print ready PDF

Posted: 2016-07-18T13:12:01-07:00
by k_2_u

I need a dev to work on the following, need to create files for print production.

1. user will upload a JPG / PDF / SVG (CMYK OR RGB OR SRGB)

2. script should detect if file have trimarks or not (if possible)

2. the script should provide 2 CMYK PDF output files
Single File CMYK PDF option to add cropmarks or not
SRA3 of the file laid out multiple time (Imposition) example will be given

If the file upload is a CMYK file the output final should not be altered e.g if i upload a file with 100% M on it, the output file should keep that as 100% M

IM version current used - version 6

Re: PAID : create print ready PDF

Posted: 2016-07-18T15:51:52-07:00
by k_2_u
just to confirm this will be running on our website

Linux - CentOS release 6.8
ImageMagick 6.7.2-7

Re: PAID : create print ready PDF

Posted: 2016-07-25T07:16:49-07:00
by kingomost
It is not clear what the result you expect. Describe the steps and add screenshots.
And at what point and in what way you want to create trimarks? two points?