cylindrize script taking too much time

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cylindrize script taking too much time

Post by mukesh4846 » 2015-10-22T02:03:16-07:00

While executing any cylindrize command then it is taking to much time i.e. around 4s in my case.

Is it possible to reduce this time?

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Re: cylindrize script taking too much time

Post by fmw42 » 2015-10-22T10:29:39-07:00

Not really in the current script. It would have to be rewritten in another API such as Perlmagick or Magick.Net or C++, etc. The Imagick API will not speed things up. There is an effort now to rewrite it for Magick.NET, but it is not complete. And right now Magick.NET is only usable on Windows, as far a I know.

If you are running the same background image and the same placement, but just changing the image to be wrapped about the cylinder object in the background image, then you can run cyllinderize once, export the displacement map and arguments and then use cylinderwarp on all subsequent images. That will speed things up some.

What is your web site, platform and version of Imagemagick?

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