Cylinderize SCript Error

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Cylinderize SCript Error

Post by babydekdee »

I have the same problem which cylinderize. It would be really nice if you can help!

My imagemagick Version
My OS version: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
# Developed by Fred Weinhaus 5/1/2009 .......... revised 12/31/2018 [ ... /index.php]

it work fine , but today i found this error cylinderize: line 933: 5011 Segmentation fault convert $tmpA1 $flipping $rotating $outfile
after i run command

bash cylinderize -r 350 -w 40 -p 4 -n 90 -e 2 -a 0 -v background -b none -f none -o -30+15 -c multiply /var/www/html/test/34107.png /var/www/html/test/222.png


T_T , i can't fix it anythig , please help me.

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Re: Cylinderize SCript Error

Post by fmw42 »

Please provide your input image. The error seems to be coming from the unix command bc missing from your OS. My script requires that unix tool.