wrong Depth with png format

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wrong Depth with png format

Post by Flauzer » 2016-03-25T14:20:53-07:00

I can't convert a jpg image to png, grayscale and 8 bit depth.

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// read from disk...

image.Format = MagickFormat.Png;
image.ColorType = ColorType.Grayscale;
image.Depth = 8;
The result is always 24 bit depth...
I've lost something? where is my mistake? bug?

It seems this https://www.imagemagick.org/discourse-s ... hp?t=27766

Thanks in advance

workaround: ...change image.Format in MagickFormat.Png8.

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Re: wrong Depth with png format

Post by dlemstra » 2016-03-28T02:50:58-07:00

Setting image.Format to MagickFormat.Png8 is not a workaround. This is how you tell the png writer that you want an 8 bit image.
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