Cannot replace color

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Cannot replace color

Post by Verlemion » 2017-03-09T09:42:41-07:00

Hello, I'm trying to replace white color to green using this code:

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private static MagickImage ChangeWhiteColor(MagickImage Image, Color TargetColor)
            MagickImage NewImage = new MagickImage(Image);

            NewImage.Opaque(MagickColor.FromRgb(255, (byte)255, (byte)255), 

            return NewImage;
But it seems that code won't work, it just replaces color to light gray. What I should do?

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Re: Cannot replace color

Post by dlemstra » 2017-03-11T19:15:01-07:00

Which version are you using? And what is the value of your TargetColor.
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