MagickReadSettings's size is not working

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MagickReadSettings's size is not working

Post by VasyaIvonov2 »


I use Magick.NET (Magick.NET-Q16-x64, Version= and I have the next code:

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            MagickReadSettings rs = new MagickReadSettings()
                Width = 200,
                Height = 200

            using (MagickImage image = new MagickImage("SomeBigTiff.tif", rs)) //Tiff's real size is 8688*5472
                var w = image.Width; //w = 8688 but I expected 200
I expected to get resized image, but I get original image. Is It a bug or I misunderstand Width and Height parameters in MagickReadSettings?

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Re: MagickReadSettings's size is not working

Post by dlemstra »

These settings only work for certain formats. They do nothing when you read a tiff image.
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