Magick++ exception bug?

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Magick++ exception bug?

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h_b_diff.png can be downloaded here

I think that there is a problem with Magick++ warning exceptions.
Ie. the following code crash on my png image which generate a warning.

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	Magick::Image image;
		try {
			// Read a file into image object "h_b_diff.png" );
		catch( Warning& e)

		// Crop the image to specified size (width, height, xOffset, yOffset)
		image.crop( Geometry(100,100, 100, 100) );
The crash occurs because read throw a warning exception at that line:

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if ( image )
    throwException( image->exception );
and throwException deletes the exception (line DestroyExceptionInfo( &exception_ );)

So, when crop occurs we have:
image->exception.exceptions = NULL
and then the application crashes in InheritException / ResetLinkedListIterator at the beginning of CropImage (function CloneImage).

A better schema would be to not delete the exception when throwException is called with Magick::Image::image

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Re: Magick++ exception bug?

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We can reproduce the problem you posted and have a patch. Look for it in a few days in ImageMagick 6.4.6-1. Thanks.