Issue with convert

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Issue with convert

Postby jacobw56 » 2008-12-04T09:14:44+00:00

Using arch and version 6.4.6 Q16. I am trying to convert a batch of jpegs to pdf using
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convert *.jpg foo.pdf
It chugs for a little while then just gives
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with no output. Not really an expert with imagemagick but this has always worked in the past; infact, it worked with a different batch of jpegs just moments before. Admittedly, the jpegs are bigger than usual (~400kb) and there are plenty of them (~400) but I'm not sure why that would matter. Any ideas?

Re: Issue with convert

Postby magick » 2008-12-04T09:37:54+00:00

Try this command:

    convert -limit memory 1 -limit map 1 *.jpg foo.pdf

This forces the image pixels to disk rather than memory.
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Re: Issue with convert

Postby jacobw56 » 2008-12-04T10:10:35+00:00

Thank you very much. Worked perfectly. Somehow I didn't see that in the literature, I think mostly because I didn't know to look for it.

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