possible bug grayscale verbose info IM Q16

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possible bug grayscale verbose info IM Q16

Post by fmw42 »

IM Q16 Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

Some of my script are failing in comparison to IM when processing grayscale images. I find differences simply looking at the verbose info of the grayscale jpg using both releases.



That is in IM the verbose info shows:
im6 convert clown.jpg -verbose info:

rending intent of none
no chromaticity values.

In the current release it show:
convert clown.jpg -verbose info:

Rendering intent: Perceptual
Gamma: 0.454545
red primary: (0.64,0.33)
green primary: (0.3,0.6)
blue primary: (0.15,0.06)
white point: (0.3127,0.329)

I thought grayscale images were going to be treated as linear. Please clarify. Can we go back to linear grayscale images?