Bug with mogrify -fill black -colorize 100%

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turbo boing
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Bug with mogrify -fill black -colorize 100%

Post by turbo boing » 2012-05-13T07:58:04-07:00


I've just tried ImageMagick-6.7.6-9 (static windows) with a batch file I've been using which takes the rgb channel, inverts it, copies it into the alpha channel and then clears the rgb to black (leaving the alpha).

echo Negating colour
mogrify -path temp -negate "%1%2"

echo Copying colour to alpha
mogrify -alpha copy temp\*.png

echo Filling colour with black
mogrify -fill black -colorize 100% temp\*.png

This final step is no longer working in 6.7.6-9, where it previously worked on (6.6.5-8).
I've tried Q8 and Q16, and it makes no difference.

I believe its now clearing the alpha channel to black rather than just the RGB.


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