Problem with converting EPS after 6.7.6.-0

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Problem with converting EPS after 6.7.6.-0

Post by danam » 2012-05-16T01:49:07-07:00


there seem to be some changes or bugs that make actual IM-Versions unusuabel for a couple of files. First problem (all converts were done with 32bit-Q8-versions on Windows 7):
Converting an EPS with 6.7.6-0 returns a JPG with "convert [INFILE] jpg:[OUTFILE]" just fine. The Q16-version works fine too.
Converting the same EPS with 6.7.6-1 just creates some errors and no output file.
Converting it with 6.7.6-2 creates a JPG that is way too big in size and dimensions and wrong colors.
Converting it with versions higher than 6.7.6-2 usually create a normal-sized JPG with wrong colors.

So I did some tests with 6.7.6-0 and 6.7.6-2 and it seems that using "Core_RL_magick_.dll" from 6.7.6-0 does the trick to get correct JPG-Derivates. Any help how to be able to use actual versions is appreciated. Let me know if you need more information. Thanks.

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