memory leak while encoding webp: 6.7.6 - 6.7.9-7

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memory leak while encoding webp: 6.7.6 - 6.7.9-7

Post by zhcn381 » 2012-09-25T22:54:42-07:00

hi magick,
we are using IM6.7.6 in our production system. And we noticed that while doing the encoding of webp there is a memory leak. I've checked the latest version(6.7.9-7) and finding that the problem still exists. Following is the patch, pls check it, thx.

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Index: coders/webp.c                                                                                                              
 --- coders/webp.c (版本 9429)
 +++ coders/webp.c (工作副本)
 @@ -391,6 +391,7 @@
    pixels=(unsigned char *) RelinquishMagickMemory(pixels);
+  WebPPictureFree(&picture);
    (void) CloseBlob(image);
    return(webp_status == 0 ? MagickFalse : MagickTrue);

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Re: memory leak while encoding webp: 6.7.6 - 6.7.9-7

Post by magick » 2012-09-26T02:43:48-07:00

Thanks for the problem report and patch. Look for the patch in ImageMagick 6.7.9-8 Beta by sometime tomorrow.

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