exif orientation bug

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exif orientation bug

Post by needkane »

http://marry.qiniudn.com/o_198pf52es1rg ... p5ha6v.jpg //this picture has exif information.
http://needkane.qiniudn.com/error6/jpg //this picture is the result that the first picture remove exif information.
Two pictures look the same.Now I want change the picture size.
Use command :
convert [picture name] -auto-orient -thumbnail 400x /tmp/imgmogr2-226590685.jpeg.
I found two results is different.

Jason S
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Re: exif orientation bug

Post by Jason S »

I think the correct link is http://needkane.qiniudn.com/error6.jpg.

It looks like a bug to me (tested with v6.9.0-2). The Exif thumbnail image has an Orientation tag, and I'm guessing that the -auto-orient routine wrongly thinks that tag applies to the main image.