convert -draw image srcover broken since 7.0.2-5

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convert -draw image srcover broken since 7.0.2-5

Post by alex.schneider » 2016-08-25T02:50:14-07:00

Compositing a partially transparent image over a solid background leaves the background untouched since ... 29b9e57523

We susspects that "- draw_info->alpha=OpaqueAlpha;" (MagickCore/draw.c:4957) should not have been removed.

The following commands works as expected with 7.0.2-4, but not with >= 7.0.2-5:

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convert -size 50x50 xc:transparent -draw 'rectangle 10,10 30,30' in.gif
convert -size 50x50 xc:red -draw 'image over 0,0 50,50 in.gif' out.gif

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