Conversion to PDF inappopriately populates Title metadata?

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Conversion to PDF inappopriately populates Title metadata?

Post by racketteer » 2016-09-02T12:02:29-07:00


I have been using imagemagick 6.9.3-5 Q16 x64 2016-02-20 (Windows 7 and Windows 10) to do some image processing to tif files and then convert them to pdf files (one tif = one pdf). I then use separate software to populate the metadata of the pdf files.

I notice that imagemagick already populates the "Title" attribute of the pdf metadata. But it does it wrong - it adds a null character to the end. This is causing the other software packages to not recognize the populated attribute. Since more than one package is having the problem, I am assuming that it is imagemagick that is being inappropriate rather than the other packages trying to read and/or modify the metadata.

Has anyone else encountered this? Any suggestions on what I can do about it?


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