Large image dimension causes slow dithering

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Large image dimension causes slow dithering

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I think it's the dither operation that's very slow when I create certain images with one very large dimension. The time it takes seems to be exponential (correction: quadratic) based on image's larger dimension, and jumps way up at each power of 2(?). Maybe there is a legitimate reason for this, but I'm reporting it because it seems wrong.

Steps to reproduce:

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$ convert logo: -resize '640x1!' -resize '32767x1!' test32767.ppm
$ convert logo: -resize '640x1!' -resize '32768x1!' test32768.ppm

$ time convert test32767.ppm test.pbm
real	0m11.681s
user	0m8.664s       ←
sys	0m0.056s

$ time convert test32768.ppm test.pbm
real	0m36.347s
user	0m32.996s      ←
sys	0m0.068s

$ time convert test32768.ppm +dither test.pbm
real	0m0.087s
user	0m0.020s       ←
sys	0m0.012s

$ convert -version
Version: ImageMagick 7.0.5-5 Q16 x86_64 2017-05-01
Copyright: © 1999-2017 ImageMagick Studio LLC
Features: Cipher DPC HDRI OpenMP 
Delegates (built-in): jng jpeg png zlib
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Re: Large image dimension causes slow dithering

Post by snibgo »

You may find that FloydSteinberg gives as good results as Riemersma, as is much faster.
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