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Working with large files - tiff files made with montage are possibly corrupted

Posted: 2017-08-22T16:44:38-07:00
by dreamspy
Hi there

I have a tiff file created by montage, and I'm having troubles opening it up in photoshop.

The files are called:

And I'm stitching them together with the command:

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montage partition_[0-3]_25p.tif -tile 4x1 -geometry +0+0  -compress lzw fullMontage_25p.lzw.tif
Montage spits out a 2.4 GB file. When I try to open it up in Photoshop I get the error: "Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the TIFF file."

Now this has definitely something to do with the size of the file. I tried stitching smaller versions of my files, and that tiff file opened up quite easily in Photoshop. Now I've tried to export to psd and psb, and photoshop just complains that this version of photoshop can't open up those files.

The image I'm working with is about 300000x6000, so about 1800MP.

Anyone know how to get around this problem? Are there some different measures that one needs to take into account when working with huge files?

Frímann Kjerúlf