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Montage title is ignored

Posted: 2018-01-11T06:52:05-07:00
by nicoco
Well the title states it all. Ran different tests, montage does not display any error messages, but the title just doesn't appear any more on the final image anymore. It used to work fine on Fedora 26, but I had the bad idea of upgrading.

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$ montage --version
Version: ImageMagick 6.9.9-27 Q16 x86_64 2017-12-23
Copyright: © 1999-2018 ImageMagick Studio LLC
Features: Cipher DPC Modules OpenMP 
Delegates (built-in): bzlib cairo djvu fftw fontconfig freetype gslib jbig jng jp2 jpeg lcms ltdl lzma openexr pangocairo png ps rsvg tiff webp wmf x xml zlib

$ montage registration_montage.png -title "TEST TITLE" -geometry +0+0 test.png
The resulting image is exactly like the original image.

Re: Montage title is ignored

Posted: 2018-01-11T10:40:30-07:00
by fmw42
The title shows up fine for me on IM Q16 Mac OSX with the following command:

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montage logo: -title "TEST TITLE" -geometry +0+0 test.png
Perhaps you need to update your IM version. If my command fails after updating, then please upload your input image to some free hosting service and put the URL here.

Re: Montage title is ignored

Posted: 2018-01-17T09:15:33-07:00
by nicoco
Thanks for your answer.

No title, even with your test command.

I suck too bad to compile it myself, so I guess I'll just wait for the fedora maintainers to do it. 8)