SVG Convert Fails

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SVG Convert Fails

Post by qwertasdfg » 2018-01-22T19:22:05-07:00

I work with SVG files that draw text on a background JPG (like a magazine page with text written over an image) Inside the SVG file it references the location of the JPG background file. I have been using ImageMagick-7.0.2-10-Q16-x64-dll to merge (convert) the SVG+JPG to a new JPG file using the following command: magick convert InputFile -quality 100 OutputFile

I upgraded to ImageMagick-7.0.7-22-Q16-x64-dll and it no longer works. The resulting JPG only has the words written on a white background.
I tried changing the SVG reference to the JPG from a relative path to an absolute path, neither worked.
I went back to ImageMagick-7.0.2-10-Q16-x64-dll and it works again with either a relative or absolute path.

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Re: SVG Convert Fails

Post by fmw42 » 2018-01-22T19:41:53-07:00

I do not know if this will help, but proper IM 7 syntax is to use magick, not magick convert. For all other tools such as mogrify, montage, identify, etc. They should be prefaced by magick.

It might help if you provide your SVG input. Also do you know whether your upgrade installed RSVG delegate or Inkscape, which work better than the internal IM MSVG renderer.

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