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Documentation: broken link

Posted: 2018-09-23T10:52:54-07:00
by syl_leroux
I post in this section, but I'm not sure this is the right place for documentation issues.


Layer Canvas/Page Offsets
The composition of Layered Images use a very different philosophy. All the images (as many as you like) are treated equally in the order given. They all have a "-page" or Page Offset that position each image's top-left corner relative to a virtual canvas 'origin' (the default offset) but without gravity.
To process multiple images a new background image is generated using the current "-background" color with a size that is dependent on the operation being performed. This is assumed to be the 'destination' image (canvas). ALL the images are composited onto this new canvas one at a time in sequence.
The link to seems to be broken

Re: Documentation: broken link

Posted: 2018-09-23T10:54:43-07:00
by syl_leroux
the correct link should be:

(basics with an `s`)

Re: Documentation: broken link

Posted: 2018-09-23T12:22:13-07:00
by magick
Anthony wrote the Usage pages. The ImageMagick developers cannot fix the problem. Hopefully, Anthony will see this and apply a patch.

Re: Documentation: broken link

Posted: 2018-09-24T05:08:10-07:00
by syl_leroux
Thank you for the reply @magick.

I regularly read the "Usage" pages since many years--and never realized they were maintained by only one person outside of the main project!

I will directly contact Anthony by mail since I spot another broken link.